Christmas Call of Duty for grandparent ends in mission failure

This person asked for Call of Duty MW2 for Christmas, which is no bad thing. Until you learn that they asked for it from a grandparent, which explains why their excitable expression of glee must have turned into one of confusion and ultimately seething anger when they received this instead:

Bitterwallet - these aren't the gifts you're looking for



  • Gunn
    Epic fail
  • Merlinho
    Hopefully the kid was under 18 anyway so the grandparent did the right thing. Slow news day? :)
  • Chris S.
    I like to think that somewhere someone is in the reverse position.
  • Gunn
    It's always a slow news day with BitterWallet!
  • isaac h.
    This is why Christmas is shit and misery for every poor fucker. The grandparents,the kid all totally bewildered and confused.
  • andy y.
    That's just not true. Christmas is a delight for amazon and tesco (shareholders)
  • Kevin
    If they don't already have it then a bit more of a delay and get it cheap post Christmas won't be too bad.
  • Michael K.
    Good job too, seeing as it's an M/18 rated game the kid shouldn't be getting it anyway
  • michael j.
    Hopefully it was taken back as the image at the bottom left of shot looks like it might be ghey pron?
  • Danny
    The bottom left one looks dodgy, I think his hand is covering "FUC".
  • Amanda H.
    It works both ways. I asked for Vin Diesels xXx Bluray. Thanks Grandad.
  • Loops
    I once asked my nanna for ... Now thats what i call music...i got The sound of music ...i was 15 and not impressed
  • grex9101
    All I want for Christmas is for my comments to be unmoderated. Please BW santa, please grant me my wish :)
  • Dave
    My sister wanted Super Mario Brothers for Xmas, so I bought her the Bob Hoskins film!
  • d72
    Watching the four films will probably last him longer than MW2 would have anyway And whats with the PC brigade? Fuck age ratings
  • numptyj
    ^ fuck age ratings LOL and people wonder why there are kids in this country shooting and knifing each other hmmmm
  • pc p.
    Fuck age ratings? Proof, if it was needed, that the type who shouts "pc brigade" all the time are tits.

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