California Nearly Bankrupt - Good Job There's A Maths Genius In Charge

As it’s the home of Los Angeles and all its attendent glitz, glamour and oodles of cash, you’d assume that California would be one of the richest states in the USA, and would be relatively untroubled by the C****t C****h. You’d be wrong.

The Golden State has just declared a state of fiscal emergency, after they had a good look at the books and realised that all the money is scheduled to run out in February unless the budget is seriously redrafted, and redrafted quickly.

Luckily, California is governed by a man renowned for his cunning mathematical wizardry, who should comfortably guide the state out of this… no, hang on a tic, it’s governed by Arnold f***ing Schwarzenegger. A man renowned for pumping iron and acting badly in a string of atrocious movies. And for being a bit of a lecherous woman-gropist.

At least Arnie did the right thing and cancelled his flight to Sacramento where he was due to announce the fiscal emergency. Well, you wouldn’t want to be seen making needless public expenditure in this critical time would you?

Hang on, what’s that? He cancelled the trip because it was too foggy? Oh Terminator, when will you learn to think and feel like we humans do…


  • darren
    You're not supposed to start a sentence with "And"
  • Andy D.
    Bollocks. You can do whatever you want.
  • Mike D.
    Of course you can. That rule is just something they tell you in school so that you don't start every sentence with it.
  • Liam
    Where the f*** is Danny DeVito when you need him?
  • Mark
    Actually Arnold Schwarzenegger was a millionaire before he was famous and has made more money from business than from acting. Still funny that he screwed up though.
  • Jester
    Also known as a nazi. And thats a fact. (See what I did there, using the old conjunctive at the start of the... oh never mind.)
  • simonb
    And everyone knows nazi is spealt natzi. And how do you spell spelt.
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] bankruptcy latest – as Arnie struggles to find the cash that’ll stop California from being angle-grinded off the coast of the USA and floated into the [...]
  • darren
    It was a joke you know? Lost eh?
  • darren
    In all seriousness though, the lack of grammer skills in your rant was about the only thing worthy of comment.
  • Mike H.
    He can thank the lord he has his acting skills to fall back on, praise be.

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