Cadbury's to mess with Fruit & Nut

Cadbury-Fruit-and-Nu Remember the kerfuffle that happened when Cadbury's changed the recipe for Creme Eggs? People looked like they were going to kill themselves about it all for a minute. Well, Cadbury's are now messing with another classic - the mighty Fruit & Nut.

For nearly 100 years, Fruit & Nut has been a staple treat, but now, it'll be changing, and to be honest, we won't be surprised if a million march on Downing Street about this.

Sultanas, for the first time, will be added to the bars, along with the usual raisins and almonds. The trad. arr. version of the chocolate will be slowly phased out over the next couple of months, while the new one is introduced.

Looks like someone is bulking out the bars with cheap fruit at the expense of the chocolate itself. They'll be putting sawdust in them next. Possibly.

Of course, Cadbury aren't having any of it and think no-one will notice and, those that do, will like it better. They're adding sultanas to mix things up a little, and note that the bars will be the same size and same weight. They say it'll have the same chocolate content as well. We'll see.

A spokesperson said: "While raisins have actually traditionally been the ‘fruit’ of Cadbury Fruit and Nut, sultanas have been brought into the fold to add more variation. It’s important we have a flexible supply of the dried fruit we use in our famous Fruit & Nut bars to both retain quality and ensure it’s still an affordable treat."

"Many consumers noticed no change in taste when trying both bars, stating both sultanas and raisins were just as tasty as each other."



  • Alexis
    Tesco's raisins are £3 per kilo, but the sultanas are £1.68.
  • Old M.
    ..."ensure it’s still an affordable treat". Pro tip: they mean "more profitable".

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