Cadbury's chocolate - about to get smaller

cadbury roses As we all know, chocolate bars are getting smaller and, of course, the price isn't dropping either. Remember in the olden days when a Yorkie was so large, it could feed a family of four for an entire year? Remember when Freddo bars were size of a human ribcage?

Well, more bad news, as according to The Grocer, boxes of Cadbury chocolates are going to get smaller. If they keep this up, you'll probably be able to snort the contents of a box of Roses or Heroes.

Naturally, they'll be downsizing them in time for Christmas. The monsters. Seriously. They're worse than Mugabe.

So what's the problem? Well, being blamed are 'economic factors'. This won't please anyone because, last year, Roses went from a gross weight of 780g to a piddling 729g. For fans of Heroes, the reduction is even bigger, dropping 85g from 780g to a frankly insulting 695g.

They're going to try and fool you into thinking that you should buy some of these selections, with the addition of some new treats. If you buy some Roses, you'll find that there's a new one called 'Almond Caramel Bite', and in Heroes, there'll be mini-Wispas. Of course, a Wispa is mostly air, thanks to them selling us chocolate that is made up of stupid bubbles.

Mondelez - the boss of Cadbury - sent their brand manager Steve Chick to try and gloss over all this - he told the magazine: "We are under pressure to ensure tubs are great value and are convinced the changes we have made to the mix of chocolates ensures they remain so."

Shut up Steve, you joy depriving ghoul.


  • Mick T.
    And so the cost-cutting and brand leverage begins in earnest from their US parent. Step 1 - Buy well loved brand Step 2 - Cash in on brands value by reducing size/quantity & increasing price Step 3 - Profit Step 4 - Lose goodwill over brand (CEO doesn't care at about step 4 as they moved on their next company to 'improve')
  • Censorship a.
    I seem to remember BOTH were originally 1KG packages, so nearly a 40% loss over only 2-3 years.

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