Cadbury with wasp version of Fruit 'n' Nut?

Jake Keating from Liverpool got a nice surprise when he was about to tuck into a Cadbury's chocolate bar. He opened up his treat and found a wasp embedded in the bar.

Cadbury, naturally, are going to launch an investigation. Presumably, the investigation will conclude that this sort of thing doesn't normally happen and the whole thing is an unfortunate one-off.

cadbury wasp

Jake Keating tweeted the image and contacted Cadbury via their official account saying: "As if I have just found a WASP in my chocolate!!! What are you gonna do about this!?!"

The company replied: "We'd love to reply with a pun, but we want you to know how seriously we're taking this, so we won't."


  • Zeddy
    There's a sting in the tail of this story. A phosphatase test will answer a few questions here.
  • Bob J.
    Shouldn't get anything for talking like a total cunt.
  • Harsh r.
    Anyone else getting sick of these attention whores? Oh, I found something in my choc bar that shouldn't be there, I had better go on the internet and make sure EVERYONE knows about it and demand some kind of compensation.. Fuck. Off. Just get a refund/new chocolate bar from the manufacturer without behaving like a bell end, these things happen, it's ok. Lets hope these people never come across a real problem in their lives, I'd imagine it would cause a stroke or the like.
  • Han S.
    You're actually allowed to have a certain amount by law (trace elements) as you can never 100% guarantee this sort of thing happening. Same with all food, insects will always find there way in no matter how stringent the quality control
  • Zeddy
    What law is that HS?
  • Aelynn
    It's called the Food Defect Action Levels in the US. I assume there are similar guidelines in the UK. Look it up on wikipedia, if your stomach is strong enough... @[email protected];
  • shiftynifty
    Some very waspish comments above....
  • Zeddy
    @Aelynn: There isn't anything similar in the UK. What companies might try to use is a "due diligence" defence.
  • jo
    This kind of thing could be easily faked by heating up the chocolate and pressing something into it. Not saying thats the case here....just sayin'.... in general.
  • Zeddy
    Jo, phosphatase test?
  • Les D.
    I found a live wasp in a sealed bag of lettuce once. Took it back to waitrose, they apologized and gave me another....Job done. These things happen, don't make a big deal out of it..
  • Jack S.
    @Les Dennis - What did you do with two wasps?
  • Dick
    He married one of them. And he sure got stung there.
    he was from liverpool wasps ya expect ? LOL

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