Cadbury to bring back Fuse or Marble

Cadbury Fuse Fans of obsolete chocolate bars! There's some important news – Cadbury are going to bring back some old treats, namely, the mighty Fuse and the... erm... Marble.

You can't have both, and it'll only be for Halloween, sadly. You can vote for your favourite over on the Cadbury Twitter account, using the #CadburyCraveyard tag. Or you can leave a comment on the Facebook page.

Or, if you prefer, you can tut into your lap and having nothing to do with it. It really is up to you.

We're co-signing the call for Fuse to come back, with it's terrible '90s typeface and innards filled with raisins, peanuts, fudge and crunchy things. What were they? Rice Krispies or something? Our memories fail us.

Fans of Marble will be wanting to see the praliney goodness once more, but being honest, they can get bent and go buy some Guylian chocolate which is exactly the same thing.

When the voting is complete, 100 special edition version of the victorious chocolate bars will be sent out to those who voted.


  • Alexis
    Sod that - are they going to fix the crap they decided to make Creme Eggs out of?
  • kv
    either one would be shyte because of the supposed "chocolate" Mondalev uses.

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