Cadbury patent chocolate that refuses to melt

Cadbury have gone and filed a patent for a chocolate treat that refuses to melt. Even at stupid temperatures like 40 degrees Celsius. They're hoping it'll sell in tropical countries, but you have to wonder what it'd be like having chocolate on your tongue while it doesn't even begin to melt.

It'd surely be like sucking on a chocolate flavoured ice-hockey puck?

Cadbury said the secret to the non-melting chocolate is to reduce the fat content, and of course, they've already got different recipes for warmer climates (get your hands on an Australian equivalent of a Freddo and it'll be chalkier because it is designed not to die in hot weather).

However, Cadbury reckon they've found a way to cut fat without losing texture or taste.

"We have found it is possible to instil more favourable temperature tolerant properties into a chocolate," a spokesman said.

But will it lie in your guts forever, like Asbestos in your lungs?


  • Kevin
    Everything comes out one way or another! If they lowered the fat content it would actually be more like that people actually call chocolate not vegelate
  • badger
    Cocoa is more expensive than fat so they're not going to take fat out and replace it with cocoa. Cadbury's cocoa content is already pitiful as it is. They'll just replace it with gravel or something.
  • Dick
    > However, Cadbury reckon they’ve found a way to cut fat without losing texture or taste. That is perfectly possible, if your original offering has little texture and taste anyway.
  • Alexis
    It's not like all the chocolate in Britain is destroyed as soon as you get a 30C day in summer.
  • Sicknote
    Cadbury's is shit chocolate; hope that revelation doesn't shock anyone.
  • foxes
    To those dissing Cadbury chocolate - what do you think is decent chocolate? I like some of Cadbury, also Galaxy and (what used to be) Rowntrees. I'm not a fan of European chocolate which tends to be too high in cocoa solids for my taste. Do you like Kinnertons or something?
  • captain c.
    I have eaten "tropical" country chocolate, it is mank; I went back to buying Snickers from the air conditioned coolness of the local WalMart and eating them before I left the store. (It was so hot that the cheese I smuggled in had melted before I even got out of the airport)
  • Jammo
    They have changed Cadburys chocolate, it tastes so cheap and nasty now. I prefer Hershey's chocolate in WalMart, tastes much more like cocoa.
  • Ian
    Compared to American chocolate, Cadbury's is amazing! Anyone tried Hershey's? Tastes like you've puked in your mouth. Disgusting.
  • zeddy
    @foxes: nothing worse than chocolate that tastes "too" chocolatey", eh?
  • william's h.
    Perhaps they could try reducing the size of the bar by rounding off the corners, or maybe filling it with air and then charging the size amount of money for less product?
  • MarkT
    I tried Australian made Cadbury chocolate a few years ago in Hong Kong, twas rubbish. But the worst brown stuff was made by a company called Kaiser.

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