Buying a laptop from Dixons isn't a great fit

Bend it. Fold it. Force it through a metal sieve. Place it in a blender. Throw it out a fourth floor window. Drive the Citroen Picasso back and forth over it. Dip it in liquid nitrogen then smash it into a jillion pieces. Let the dogs chew on it for a few hours. Feed it to an elephant and pick out the remnants from their car-sized excreta. Rain bricks of fury down upon it, like Charlie Heston destroying the Ten Commandments.

Your options are many and varied, but know that you will have to take action if you're going to fit your new laptop from Dixons into the recommended messenger bag:

Bitterwallet - the laptop that won't fit in the laptop case

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Graham


  • Rich
    I'm sure this was worthy of posting on BitterWallet...
  • James
    Slow news day.
  • Bett T.
    just cut the laptop down to size with a bread knife....
  • Lidds
    why does everyone always moan its a bit of light hearted news
  • Mike
    Laptops fold in half anyway, so it will fit with ease
  • Mogwai
    What is it with the negativity in the comments. I don't really understand what the authors have done to get such a bashing on virtually every article.
  • Bett T.
    Its the weather
  • Tinop
    Because this is england. The nation of moaners
  • Gunn
    I imagine someone just selected the wrong recommended item from their admin system, easily done.
  • Mark M.
    It's the herd mentality - one person mentioned it a while ago, so now it is funny/cool/in to mention it every other time too. Also, it is cool not to enjoy things, so light-hearted news is just like soooo passe (see what I did there with the cool lingo) Before too long, someone will mention about the iphone too. Oh wait...
  • NobbyB
    It's not the size you should worry about. It is the heat. This laptop seems to need 2 coolers. Mind you, I'm not sure 17.3" really is a laptop. You need to be a fat bastard to have a lap that big.
  • Mark M.
    I like the 2.1 speakers...yep, that's portable
  • Bob
    Why not laugh at the small cooler? Or the fact it has recommended two coolers? Or the fact that it recommended a cooler at all? Or people actually manufacturer coolers? Or someone charges nearly £7 for a cleaning cloth? Its the DSG group, what do you expect?

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