Buying a car from Evans Halshaw? Check your £99 "Admin Fee"

If you're in the market for a new/used vehicle and you've seen one you like at Evans Halshaw, it is worth reviewing your Order Form to see whether the incredibly vague "Vehicle Admin Fee" has been included for you to pay. It should look something like this....

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What is it? Well, quite simply, its just for them to conduct a HPI Check. You know, those checks to make sure they're selling you a car which has not been written off, stolen, has mileage discrepancies or subject to outstanding finance. The very checks that they should themselves have done before they took responsibility for selling the vehicle to you.

Ok, you want absolute peace of mind, you'll consider the fee. We believe that Evans Halshaw use Experian for their HPI checks. One vehicle check costs about £20 but you can do 5 for £25. Certainly nowhere near the £99 they're trying to pass on to you. They will also include £20 of petrol/diesel, you can make your own call on that.

If you're buying a used vehicle it is essential you conduct your own checks. There is a new website where you can check the MOT history of a vehicle including mileage and also any advisories. Take a look here.

Have you had any experiences of buying a car with Evans Halshaw or maybe you've queried the £99 Admin Fee? Let us know!


  • Rebecca
    I had to pay this . I queried why they hadn't already checked when they put the car on forecourt. It's a total rip off and was one of the reasons I won't use them again
  • Rebecca
    And to add , I got no certificate to prove this had been done, nor did my car have any fuel. I drove , red light on, to the nearest petrol station!
  • sophie
    Despite paying over £6600 for a car I purchased from Evans Halshaw I also had to pay this £100 extra which I didn't know about til I went to pick up the car and pay the total bill. This was in the Newport store. I actually went to the cardiff store to look for a car the week before purchasing my car from the Newport store and the cardiff store said I did not have to pay this fee. Although I love my car I would not recommend Evans Halshaw again as I thought their customer service was awful. Before purchasing a car from there if you do then make sure you carry out all the important checks yourself and watch out for all the add ons.
  • Ross D.
    I bought a car from Evans Halshaw about a month ago and didn't pay the Admin fee. If you look at the price sticker on the car it shows the Admin Fee is optional. The salesman explained what the Admin Fee was for and I opted not to take it - and there was no pushback. I have to say I'm delighted with my car and the whole experience at Evans Halshaw.
  • Ben T.
    @Ross Duke - unfortunately not everyone had it that easy. In fact, many had the removal of the cost refused and others only had 50% removed.
  • Mike N.
    I Purchased a Evans Hallshaw Pre registered car with 7 miles in the clock, they explained the £99 was to protect me against them selling a stolen car .... I pointed out if they were then I am sure they would sort it rather than suffer the publicity .... Despite the car been pre registered to them :-)
  • Clare C.
    I had to pay the £99 fee, plus a new timing belt and pump had to be done as had reached the point of needing a new one and they refused to do it! Oh and no petrol, was also promised a full service and valet and got neither
  • Marvin
    I can't believe there are morons out there who still go through with the sale when they pull your pants down and laugh at the thing between your legs.
  • shiftynifity
    So Ross Duke, which branch of Evans Halshaw do you work at...
  • Henry C.
    @ Clare Cookney Why did you even give them your business? I would have told them to take a hike. One thing there's no shortage of in this country is used car salesmen!
  • Lewis
    Hi, I am due to go tomorrow to EH and purchase a Ford I have had moved from another location. I was told by the sales man, when I asked about the £99 Admin Fee and quoting it says ''optional'' on the sticker that's on the windscreen of the car that it is in fact not optional. He called over the dealer principal and he said that the company had changed their policy and that he was awaiting new stickers that would quote ''compulsory'' and he said that the company do not budge on this fee… I have done a HPI check myself on the car and feel this fee is ridiculous. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Thanks.
  • Ben T.
    @Lewis - how did you get on with this? Personally, we don't think you should be paying it. If you are/do, you need to know exactly what it is you're getting in return for this. Did they say?
  • PIe M.
    Lewis - tell them you're not buying the car and leave. Watch how fast the salesman runs after you, promising to waive the charge. In the unlikely event he doesn't, go and buy a car somewhere else.
  • Keith
    My brother in law works for a Car sales Company (You Know which one) and he frequently tells the family tales of the Admin Fee, it seems the majority of the people selling the cars regard it as a Point scorer between the sales guys to see who can convince the most customers in a month that this FEE has to be paid. Shocking isnt it, they regard it as one big Laugh.
  • Drew P.
    Evans Halshaw Plymouth conveniently 'lost' the logbook for the used car I bought. I was later told that one of their sales staff had pinched it to put in another car they were selling. The replacement book they finally got me had no service history but I had already bought the car by then. When I bought it I was told that all of the tyres were brand new and had only been used to come down from another depot. When I next had an MOT there I was told that all of the tyres had failed and would need replacing. It was only after I threatened to contact head office regarding the log book fiasco that they replaced the tyres free of charge. My whole impression was that of a very dodgy outfit and I would not recommend anyone buying a car from them
  • Mark
    Evans Halshaw quoted over £800 for a head gasket when the warning light came on, took it to my local garage it was a blocked water pipe cost £25. Would never buy from them again, cowboys buy at your own risk.
  • Lewis
    Hi all, Sorry for the late reply… So I went to EH and asked the dealer principle to type out on headed paper that the admin fee was compulsory and not optional, I would then be happy to pay the fee. After a few minutes he came back and waived the fee. I paid the sticker price and am happy with my purchase and overall experience. Thanks for your advice.
  • Ben T.
    @Lewis - That is great. Glad you managed to save a few quid here.
  • _ME_
    Do people actually pay the asking price in these places?
  • Fookdog3
    I also went to E.H last week took it for a spin few things wrong with it, was told they would fix it take a couple of days. Also mentioned i did a MOT history check which came up with a couple of advisory's which they said they would also checkout. I was also told of the 99 quid HPI check, i went hmm ok, they said i can put a 200 quid hold on the car so one else can view it, i said no. had a call today to be told someone has bought it already, Hmm i thought, like hell they did, they just don't want to do the repairs i mentioned as i know some things about cars, guess there just waiting for someone who doesn't no anything about them.
  • Tracy S.
    Hi, I purchased a car 15 months back from Evans Halshaw and paid the above admin fee, I have recently tried to sell the car to we buy any who said that the car had been previously stolen 3 years back and they could not purchase it, Does anyone have any advise what i can do in this situation ? The dealings i had with Evans Halshaw have been disastrous from day one, the car has had so many faults and the team that deal with you there are a joke, Nothing but excuses, I have been told that i could get a full refund but not sure how to get the information about the stolen status or how to deal with the situation
  • sam
    hi I have just purchased a car from them. I had to pay the admin fee. I had the car two days and I then had smoke from the bonnet! They are rude and not very helpful, I just wish I hadn't gone to them at all. £6500 is a lot of money. I have taken out a private warranty with the AA do you think I should make them place a warranty on the work(they did give us 3 months warranty) they are doing for the smoking and dangerous breakdown I experienced.
  • Carl
    Payed £6000 plus for second hand car from Evans Halshaw Invoice had a charge of £80 odd pounds for THEIR admin,asked salesman why?Company policy,was the reply.e-mailed company.No reply as yet,Rip off!!
  • Frank
    I bought a car in February from them and refused to pay their £99 Administration Charge. Three days later they rang me and said that they have waived it.
  • Sandra
    Bought a used car it had a mot now I find one tyre was wrong size and profile my so the m o t was useless I've been told that would have invalidated the insurance had we had an accident spoke to 9 people upto now waiting for them to ring back firm and not station a disgrace.
  • Chris
    Bought a car from Evans Halshaw on Nov 2016. The car was first registered in Sep 2012 so should be due a mot. Went to renew my tax disc 6 months later and found no mot on my car. The car has never had a mot according to DVLA .I was not happy. They have since done my mot free of charge but I have still sent a letter to head office demanding answers. They also shafted me on the admin fee even though I asked for it not to be done. My fault for assuming it was not on my final bill. Wish I had noticed. Cowboys!!!
  • dodders

    I paid an admin fee of £82.49 in May last year when i bought a Ford Focus from Evans Halshaw. Coincidentally (or maybe not) this was the second time they sold this car in 4 months. 3 months after buying the car, the DVLA sent me a letter asking me to confirm the chassis number. I had not received the v5 logbook. I sent the number I located on the driver's door. Thus matched the logbook serial number.  I also took the car back to the dealership on two occasions asking them to complete background checks on the car because I was concerned with the DVLA intervention. Each time i was dismissed.Fast forward to April this year. I put the focus in as a part exchange on a new car with a different dealer. THE FOCUS WAS STOLEN. The new found 2 chassis numbers on the vehicle. EVANS HALSHAW SOLD ME A STOLEN CAR. THIS IS A CAR THEY SOLD TWICE. THE SERIAL NUMBER I THE WINDSCREEN DID NOT MATCH THE LOGBOOK. THE CAR IS REGISTERED AS STOLEN AND IS WANTED BY THE METROPOLITAN POLICE. THE POLICE HAVE NOW RECOVERED THE VEHICLE AND I'M OVER £10,000 OUT OF POCKET!

  • Ellwood

    a word of advice, when you do the move me closer then you have to see it within 2 days of getting a phone call from them otherwise they will not refund the £200. I have since payed the admin fee as i did not have any choice. Wishing i hadn't done the move me closer now because it gives you NO bargaining power as they take it you have accepted the value of the car.

    • joeuk17

      how can you accept the value of a product you have not inspected. It is no more than an asking price not an agreed price.

  • Cliff471

    My experience is very similar to above comments - sold a duff car, paid that admin fee; car had over 100,000 on  clock but they refused to replace timing belt; discs worn to minimum; pads at minimum; clutch faulty; steering ball joints defective and the engine make a 'growling' noise a bit like a diesel but it's a petrol and is clearly audible when engine put under load . . .hmmmm. Can't say more until I get my refund.

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