Buy yourself a cheap date for Valentine’s Day

a charity case, yesterday
a charity case, yesterday

14th February is just around the corner (it’s on Friday, in case you need reminding). A day when singletons everywhere sing Eric Carmen and cry into their pillows. Unless you are an enterprising young lady from London that is.

“Brave” Hope Anscomb has auctioned the opportunity to take her out on a date on Friday. It’s a win win win situation- she gets a date, a similarly desperate young man (or young woman) also gets a date and Hope’s chosen charity (the Autism Trust) gets a wodge of cash.

In addition to a free meal at an Italian restaurant in central London, paid for by Ms Anscomb, the lucky winner can expect:

"Charm and wit (majority will be charm)

The chance to brag to your mates that you did something stupid and all in the name of charity

An honorary mention in my blog(!!) and my upmost respect for the rest of your days"

How can you resist?

Hope told The Evening Standard: "I am actually getting quite nervous… when I spoke to my friends and family they said I was insane."

Interested parties may be dismayed to discover that Hope’s auction has now ended, with a final selling price of £621. Nevertheless, some other lonely women have jumped on the bandwagon,  at a bargain 99p start, so whether you like Thai models in Hull *, or pink cupcakes in Coventry, get yourself a smashing Valentine’s deal…

* caveat emptor. Thai model describes herself as ‘used’.


  • Grammar N.
    A cheap date? At £621? Maybe I should write for Bitterwallet if you think that's cheap!
  • trolleyfucker
    I'd pay £621 just to get rid of that trolley!
  • shiftynifty
    It`s not really happening for the pink cupcakes in Coventry is it? looks like a bunny boiler
  • The P.
    This chubby beaver-toothed genius has put himself up for auction too. Only problem (apart from his photo) is his auction doesn't finish until the 19th of Feb.
  • Stan L.
    I went out with a girl once who looked nothing like a bunny boiler, but by fuck was I wrong.

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