Buy one get one three for two for £5 - only at Sainsbury's

Supermarket bargains are blumin' marvelous. There's nothing better than a till receipt announcing you've made a fiver's worth of savings thanks to those big friendly labels. Smashing.

Sometimes it's all too much for our avid readers, however. And yes, it seems there is such a thing as 'too many deals', at least according to Bitterwallet reader Steven, who couldn't see the wood for the trees:

Bitterwallet - Sainsbury's offers

'These were the special offers in my local Sainsbury's last week. Very generous but also very confusing."

"There are four different offers, all one above the other - 2 for £3, Buy One Get One Free, 2 for £4 and 2 for £5. There are two 2 for £4 deals side by side, and two 2 for £5 deals side by side - except in both cases there was no stock left. There was another 2 for £4 deal, but it was next to the 2 for £3 deal - and I couldn't actually find another Buy One Get One Free deal, or another 2 for £3."

"I ended up buying nothing - there's only so long I'll stand about a supermarket aisle trying to figure out how to save a few pence for something I wasn't really interested in buying in the first place."

Congratulations to Sainsbury's for turning four very reasonable offers into something of a sow's ear. Less probably would have been more in this instance.


  • PokeHerPete
    Its pertty obivous fro pepole who aer't dysleixc...
  • callum
    I really don't understand the confusion? The labels all say which things are in the offer. If you get confused by offers next to each other, do you also get confused by normal prices being next to each other?
  • chins m.
    Our sainburys is doing the same thing, four or five different offers in a group in fruit and veg and no sign where the corresponding offers are. Can't be arsed so I just end up buying what i went in for. Bit of a fail.
  • brian
    just read the label. simples. Also isn't it "aisle"? It would be mighty impressive to find a sainsbury's store big enough to fit an isle in it.

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