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Want to buy the lettering from Newcastle United's Park East Stand at the theatre of satire, St James' Park? If the answer is a baffling 'why aye', then you're in luck because the club is selling them off on eBay.


Why are they selling them off? Presumably to replace the letters with a gigantic advert for something. Probably Sports Direct. Magpies will love that  logo. It looks like they were right, although they have now got the chance to own the letters.

Each 6ft letter sis being flogged in the name of charity, which means you can do something worthwhile for once, while also getting the chance to spell out 'Uncleaned Sew Tit' or 'Sweet Nun Dialect' and there's definitely a 'C', 'N', 'U' and a 'T' to play with.


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  • Dick
    > there’s definitely a ‘C’, ‘N’, ‘U’ and a ‘T’ to play with. Add an S, and see if they will deliver locally. If you tell them it's for the Stadium of Light, I'm sure they'll help out.

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