Buy HDTV, cheap now
TVs are really cheap right now, says the LA Times, suggesting Americans to bag one quick as new models have moved forward from their usual mid summer release schedule this year, and are coming out in April and May instead (explained further on The HD Guru).

Over the last few months here in the UK, we've also seen a drop in prices on HDTVs as witnessed on HUKD, and I wouldn't be surprised in bigger drops in coming months as we catch up to the US schedule. Perhaps the low demand so far with pricey OLED technology will mean that companies will refocus on wha consumers demand, and help speed things up just that bit more.

Here's 3 HUKD deals to check out this week if you're hunting for a new TV, with a nice variation to suit various wallet sizes:

  1. Panasonic TX32LXD85 32in LCD Television at bargain price! - £399.00 @ Roy Jowett

  2. Panasonic TH58PZ700PED 58" HD Black Plasma Television was £2933.36 now £1997.00 @ Asda instore/online

  3. Toshiba 32AV555DB 32 Inch HD Ready LCD Television with Integrated Freeview -
    Electrical 123 - price now £318.44 - Free Delivery - + Quidco

(deals found by rdlowry, andywedge and holly100)

[LA Times via Gizmodo]


  • crofter
    Is this an April Fools Effort??? It is widely acknowledged that prices of TV's and other Electronics have been slowly rising and will continue to rise over the coming months, mainly because of the weak pound but more importantly the weak Yen has forced the manufacturers to put wholesale prices up on average 20-30%. Of course thinking that what is good for the Yanks never translates to us Brits either when it comes to retail.
  • Ian
    Great title, great misinformation. 5/5.
  • Bad A.
    Yeah. I'm on the lookout for a new LCD TV so the title of this got my hopes up, seeing as, if anything, prices on websites seem to have gone up since Christmas. And the three deals highlighted are all from months ago and have expired!

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