Buster Sales - Blockbuster's crazed training guru from 1990

We’ve extensively covered the ‘Fives’ customer service regime as favoured by Currys and PC World in the past – but perhaps they don’t go nearly far enough. Perhaps the staff ought to be sat down and made to watch these Blockbuster training videos from 1990 instead of listening to some dodgy Fives training tape.

No stone is left unturned and no potential selling opportunity ignored by the passive-aggressive, telly-dwelling Buster Sales. Okay, maybe he’s more of a borderline psychopath than merely passive-aggressive but hey, he’s a results-hungry kind of guy.

Sadly, Blockbuster are now on the brink of oblivion in the USA so maybe Buster was just full of bullshit after all..



  • avenue n.
    Video 2 - 7:08, Napoleon dynamite....
  • akiss
    I felt like I was watching Eastenders or somet, had to switch that off quick.
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