Businesswoman Beaten Up and mugged £10,000 + Luxury Car (Spoiler Ahead) you're an innocent looking businesswoman just minding your own business, it begs the question: how do a bunch of thugs know that you're worth the raid?

This 50 year old woman probably only had a moment to philosophize upon that question today, before a gang of 3 in North London smashed her head against the door of her car, threatened to kill her, before driving off with £10k worth of her jewellery, her car, and her dog.

'I just remember blood pouring over me,' she said in a statement today, after receiving 10 stitches to the head.  'I couldn't see anything. I was really dizzy. They were really heavyhanded.'

One of the thugs apparently said to her, 'Start the f***ing car, you b**ch, or I will f***ing kill you'".

Wondering why they targeted her?  A picture speaks a thousand words (spoiler ahead!):

That's why. I'd probably smash someone's head against a window too, if it meant I'd get one of these.

None the wiser, if only she had purchased the 2008 Aston Martin Vantage we posted here, she would have saved much headache, literally.  Aston Martin stolen?  No problem.  You still got a Mercedes SLK left!

But let this be a warning to all consumers wanting to show off their sweet gear: 1. learn some jujitsu and 2. have eyes on the back of your head.  I also hear that Systema and Kendo are pretty good.

[This is London / Evening Standard]


  • Pokey
    "I’d probably smash someone’s head against a window too, if it meant I’d get one of these" Nice, Vince Wong. What a warm, glowing, fuzzy little day dream.
  • Andrew
    Yeah even for me, that was a little close to the bone. Especially since it's a total pimp-wagon. I mean have you *seen* the people that drive X5s? I wouldn't touch it with yours.
  • Vince W.
    You're right, it IS a pimp wagon - most likely a bad idea for me to take on anyone pimpin' that ride. Just got a little carried away :p BTW, the car was found wrecked today, but the dog was returned to its rightful owner. Happy ending!
  • Pokey
    Hmmm. So, did the dog eat the bad guys, in the process causing a pimped up crash?
  • Vince W.
    Or the car was a transformer, banged the thugs' heads against the windshield. Seeing that the price of oil remains unstable, it digested them as a fuel source, wrecking itself.

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