Bus stops confusing punters by replacing pee with potatoes

Question: what does your average bus shelter smell of? Hands up if you just shouted ‘URINE!’ at the top of your voice, or at least another word for urine. You may or may not be correct, but right now, there are a bunch of bus shelters around the land that reek of nothing but freshly baked potatoes. Aaaahhhh….


Don’t worry, it’s not some kind of weird quirk relating to an alien invasion (that WAS your first thought wasn’t it?) – it’s actually an ad campaign by McCain as part of their attempt to flog their ready-baked jacket potatoes

How does the 3D ad panel work? “It’s connected to Hades via a tungsten pipe” said a spokesman for McCain. No, wait, wrong story. In fact, “a hidden heating element gently warms the potato”. In the picture, the woman is holding her cold hands to the baked vegetable, so perhaps they emit a nice heat too – or perhaps she just uses freshly baked potatoes as a heat source at home.

Have any of you lot seen, smelled or warmed yourself against any of these things yet? Let us know how it went and if it made you want to invest in the product. It’s important that you SHARE these things with us.


  • Boris
    This is going to be a fucking nightmare on saturday nights when you are off your trolly on roofies and desperate for nosh. I must keep well away form bus stops.
  • Dick
    The smell is probably someone's chips that they dropped while trying to shag a minger.
  • you
    Given that bus stops do indeed stink of pi55 - the smell of potatoes mixed with pi55 will not make me want to go and buy a potato. Its more likely to put me off potatoes for a few weeks.
  • Rob
    Hopefully Ann summers will start advertising like this too!
  • charitynjw
    I have a hot baked potato in the middle of my drum. Central 'eating, innit!
  • Tena
    Hi Guys at BitterWallett, Thanks for bringing us this story is a fantastic idea and our marketing department hadn't though of it. We've just opened negotiations with a few councils to adapt their bus stops to incoporate fragrance reducing Tena products into the shelter structure as interactive advertising. Hopefully you'll be seeing some installed in the next few months and there will be a revolution in the odor problem. Thanks again, Tena Sanitary Products Ltd.

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