Bum burgers ahoy! KFC advertise chicken on chicks

Advertising a burger without a bun on the buns of college girls? That doesn't even begin to make sense, does it? Surely if you're wanting to flog the mighty KFC Double Down - a calorie-smacking sandwich with chicken breast fillets instead of bread - you have to demand the girls go topless and strut about dribbling the Colonel's secret blend of eleven herbs and spices down their chesticles?

"I think it's like making women into a piece of meat." Well you would say that. You're just upset they don't make sweatpants in marque size, love.

via [Consumerist]


  • PokeHerPete
    In that video they are American students talking. Thus being American and a student, their views are hardly creditable.
  • Alexis
    Yep, fine, no problem. Advert on arses. Nothing wrong with it, nothing particularly shocking.
  • stomm
    I love the fact that the news company is disgusted by this but it seems the only difference compared to other fast-food marketing campaigns is that they have the official press release from KFC technically confirming their marketing strategy of using attractive young women. Sex sells, simple as. What I struggle to understand is that an uproar is made about a product like this (not because it's basically a heart attack in a box) but because they have attractive girls advertising for them. What about every trade show/expo/gadget magazine on the planet? I don't see any news videos appearing because they have a woman in a bikini holding an iphone/android phone/portable bloody microwave. I will always struggle to understand why they think a woman in a bikini would make me think "You know what? This is a company I want to deal with!" I secretly hope one day they start advertising like they do in The Invention of Lying: "This is the KFC super triple double upside downer. This will probably kill you longterm if you eat enough of them, but we're hoping that you'll like the taste enough to still buy it and ignore the health risks. Oh yeah, we've sent out attractive girls to advertise it so you can feel like you're part of a fast-food eating good looking club. But you'll still be unattractive. Possibly more so after eating this product. Please buy it anyway."
  • Paul C.
    pah. sensationalist media tripe. what's the next story? "Down Syndrome twins offended by KFC new burger"
  • LanceVance
    There are loads of brand name tracksuits with slogans on the backside. Whats the problem with being paid to wear something? I could see why some pc twats would moan if the young girls were naked. Jebus, they aint stripping get over it.
  • Nader
    I'm sold! Where do i buy them
  • Matt
    Yes, it is very sexiest, obviously those girls are being forced into it and hate doing it... NOT! Lol. If it was truely sexist and discriminating against women then they wouldn't be doing it would they?!
  • Mark
    i'd like to double down on them buns.
  • kfc
    You just knew they'd ask the opinion of some fat lezzer and a bloke so under the thumb he has a bald patch forming. Maybe KFC will start handing out a steaming hot cup of "shut the fuck up" to those who aren't convinced by the superb kfc marketing.
  • blagga
    Eminem Jr noticed. That's proof, if proof be need be.

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