Budgetland - The Future For Skint Travellers

News has reached us that Aldi and Travelodge are joining forces to create combined hotels and supermarkets together on the same site, starting in Middlesbrough and Newquay.

But why stop there? If they were to really use their nous, they could be developing all-encompassing ‘Budgetland’ complexes for those of us who really like to squeeze every last drop of bang from our buck.

Here’s a few suggestions for other elements they could add on to their prospective AldiLodges…

CHARITY SHOP REMNANT OUTLET – The stuff that’s not good enough for the high street charity shops. Ripped shirts and jumpers with marmalade stains all over them are yours for less than 5p.

BUDGET INTERNET CAFÉ – for just 10p an hour you can leaf through some pages that have been printed off from top websites. You can look at laminated pages for 20p an hour.

RADIOWORLD – Large cinema-style rooms where you can sit and listen to a local radio station. Only 50p for an unlimited stay.

PUPPET ZOO – come and see the stuffed animals against cardboard cut-outs of their natural habitat. Lions, tigers, pandas, they’re all there. But don’t try and feed them – they’re not real.


  • Alexandra O.
    Puppet Zoo? I'M IN! C'mon Andy, admit it, you're just moonlighting on Bitter Wallet, the day job is as one of the 'zany' concept guys from the NatWest ads.
  • Paul N.
    One of your best Andy - absolutely hilarious :)
  • Sixteen B.
    [...] Budgetland – the future for skint travellers [...]

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