Buck The Crunch With A Gorgeous Goat

Yes, we realise that it’s belt-tightening galore at the moment as the crunch bites down on our purses’ asses, but, aaah, who wouldn’t want to pay £16,500 for a beautiful goat to brighten up your garden? As an investment, obviously.

Over in Saudi Arabia, they’ve just had the first ever ‘Beautiful Goat’ pageant featuring a host of Najdi goats – available to buy at prices starting at £16.5k. Saudi’s top goats were displayed for all to see as poets read out colourful verse singing their praises.

But the real star of the show was absent. Burgan, the goat who everyone wants to breed from, wasn’t brought out for display as his owners feared he might come undone from the ‘evil eye.’ Naturally.

Apart from Crufts, this is the closest UK equivalent that we could find…

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