BT's fibre broadband LIES

Bitterwallet - BT - featured BT and their promise to deliver end-to-end fibre broadband to 25% of the UK has hit some snags.

The company wanted to assure customers that a quarter of the UK would be broadband ready, yet unfortunately the real figure is lower. Like, ridiculously lower.

They've confirmed that only 0.7% of the UK can get a full fibre broadband service right now, meaning only a small fraction are hitting the higher speeds.

That's quite shambolic really.

BT had quietly pushed the 25% claim under the carpet when it dawned on them that it wasn't gonna happen, due to improvements in the speed of the slower FTTC fibre-to-the-cabinet lines (which combine copper and fibre optic cables together).

Customers had complained to the Advertising Standards Authority claiming all this yabber about 'fibre optic' was misleading. However the ASA ruled that it wasn't, so it can continue to advertise it as it currently is.

Damned lies!

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