BT Boxes - you can have two now (but that's it)

bt box Are you a BT customer? ARE YOU?

Well you now have the option of having two YouView+ boxes in different rooms in your abode.

The extra box will be the same subscription-wise as the main box, being priced at £99 with that pesky fiver per month subscription also payable.

A man, who we're calling Alex Green, Director of TV for BT, said:

“We are delighted to be able to offer BT customers the added flexibility of having two YouView+ boxes in their home. Over the past year, we have transformed our service by introducing pay TV channels delivered in fantastic HD quality on our market-leading YouView+ box. We believe this offers the best quality TV experience and the most competitive bundle with fibre in the market.”

But don't riot just yet, you will require a line speed greater than 34 Mbps, but BT reckon that's most of the Infinity customers covered. They would say that though.

And you can only have one extra box, so that dream of building a wall of them is dashed now I'm afraid.

Oh and Sky Movies won't be on the second box either.

But aside from that - HURRAH!

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