Brutal honesty on the NY subway

Last month we brought you this fake sign that pranksters had stuck up on a Gatwick Express platform. Now here's another, spotted on the New York subway. As is typical with Americans, theirs is bigger and better, and more firmly rooted in the truth.

Let's face it, we'd probably all be happier if we spent our days faced with public information signage that said 'You're basically screwed' wouldn't we? The honesty would be SO refreshing. For a bit, anyway.


  • Bullet
    So glad our trains dont! right.
  • Jack
  • Zleet Always made me laugh.
  • P E.
    haha its funny coz its true
  • moorjock
    Trains are the same all over then? At least the Yanks tell it like it is!
  • moorjock
    Posted by Zleet | April 19th, 2009 at 2:21 pm Always made me laugh. It IS Penrith!?!
  • nlambert
    British rail are taking the piss too. I was reading there sign at the station yesterday and it said,Quote "If you stand too close to the platform edge you are likley to get sucked off".......what a waste of 4 hours!!!!!
  • WBRacing
    @nlambert: You were over 20 hours late with that joke. Do you work for British Rail? ;o)
  • Who’s B.
    [...] Brutal honesty on the NY subway [...]
  • Probably B.
    [...] Brutal honesty on the NY subway [...]
  • Alistair
    I love it, my UK favourite is the road sign that simply says, 'sign not in use' makes me chuckle everytime i drive past it, and i think thats an offical sign as well!
  • Ascendaeus
    fuckin' A
  • tintin
    i love our trains too eh
  • Liv
    Fantastic! I live in New York City and until I spent 2 years in Japan, I thought the MTA was a decent service. How wrong I was. Now that I'm back home, I curse the trains every day. And the fare has just been hiked up as well! At what benefit to us?! Moving to Dublin next month - here's hoping the Luas is a bit more reliable.
  • William W.
    Unbelievable, I never thought that any transport system in the world could rival London Underground, it seems that you have it just as bad in NY.
  • Kevin
    "L train will will be crowded no matter what." Bit of a typo there. Still a great sign though, and sadly, it's true. The MTA subway system is the worst thing ever.
  • Jo D.
    As a life long NY'er I miss the crappy, stinky, crowded subway!! Imagine in DC a spritz of service, 12 midnight weekdays... you just missed the last train home because you got stuck at work. NY subway, like the city it serves NEVER SLEEPS. It may be late, but it gets you where you need to go and has more track miles then most American cities have roads. I LOVE NY
  • When B.
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