Bruce Willis to launch perfume. Yes, Bruce Willis.


What have Paris Hilton, Kylie Minogue, Jade Goody (RIP), Demi Moore, David Lloyd George and Worzel Gummidge all got in common? Why, they’ve all released their own branded scent on to an already-crowded market. Except for the last two of course.

Now Ms Moore’s former husband Bruce Wills is getting a piece of the Eau De Worzel action and bringing out his own perfume.

The sharp-thinking company behind are Germany’s LR Health & Beauty Systems, authors of fragrances for Desperate Housewives, Leona Lewis and Marcus Schenkenberg (no, us neither.)

We haven’t had an exclusive preview of the Bruce scent yet, but we hope it’s a rugged, manly odour that has been blended with droplets of actual sweat from the glands of the great man himself.

Coming to a shop near you on July 1st – probably languishing in the bargain bins at TK Maxx by Christmas…


  • Codify
    WTF! Is dis real?
  • Mike
    Hope its not called "Willi" Have the great smell of Willi splashed all over you.
  • smashingnicey
    set the Bruce... Loose. For the dirty white vested man in your life. Keep away from terrorist-infested plazas.
  • Fritzel
    mmmmmm I cant wait to have a big bit of willy all over my body and around my face
  • Bullet
    Theres only 2 fragrances a man should wear on a night out, it should either be MAVERICK parfume de Homme or DECEPTION parfumme de Homme.
  • -]
    wtf is up with newfags overusing a meme? newfags like codify certainly know how to drive something into the ground.
  • Fritzel
    @ -] cool story bro :P
  • Amanda H.
    I smell dead people.
  • coz s.
    @ amanda hugginkiss just brilliant. you win :)

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