Broadband more important than food, says O2

O2, the "UK's leading provider" of mobile phones, broadband, and SIMs, recently released their first "O2 Digital Families Report" in an attempt to promote their own products learn how much technology the average person uses.

The answer: a lot.

In the survey of 500 families, most said they would cut back on food and utilities before their internet connections. Furthermore, the average UK home has 2.4 televisions, 1.6 computers, 2.4 games consoles, 3 mobile phones, and 2.2 MP3 players.

While the overwhelming majority of those surveyed said that technology helps their family communicate better and that all the gadgetry fills their lives with joy, a minor 6% believe that all the technology actually makes life harder. This may be a similar sentiment to that during the 50s and 60s when labour saving appliances like dishwashers and spin dryers succeeded in making life easier, but simultaneously raised the bar on the level of household perfection that was expected.

But for the majority 94% who make sacrifices to geek it out online, O2 claims to have the answer that will make your lives easier.

It's called the Joggler.

The Joggler is a portable money waster gadget. Based on OpenPeak's OpenFrame 7-inch MID touchscreen, it's a small touch screen device that holds calendars, text messages, mp3s, news feeds, weather forecasts, and traffic reports among other "nuggets" of daily organization. That way, we have one device to synchronise our menstraul family activities.

The Joggler cost £149, and can be accessed remotely via Internet and some mobile phones. It can also send up to 50 free text messages to any UK-based phone, and receive "an undisclosed number of messages". (Umm... isn't it supposed to be free?) This is also not a new idea. 3Com had a failed concept for a similar device almost 10 years ago. Let's hope better for O2.


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