Briton: You're hired! in late March, we compared the best and worst jobs in the world, but the schadenfreude did not last long.

Recently, the dream role for "the best job in the world", a marketing stunt brought to you by Tourism Queensland's truly, has been filled by a fellow Brit.

Charity worker Ben Southall from Petersfield, Hampshire, beat 34,999 candidates to win the dream role as "island caretaker" on an island in the Great Barrier Reef from July 1 this year.

The 34 year old was voted into the top 50 a few months ago, and entered the final 16 to represent Britain. He will be feeding tropical fish 12 hours a month, and cleaning the pool at his three bedroom beach home with his Canadian girlfriend. Hey, life's tough.

Besides swimming and blogging occasionally, Ben will be paid £75k for his efforts. Certainly beats being Sir Alan's Apprentice.

Alrighty. Let's all be happy for Ben, as he packs his bags and heads to the sunny islands. At least our local gyms with the heated indoor swimming pools don't have any sharks or deadly shellfish.



  • Mike H.
  • Giles
    Come on... it's not that great... He'll have to do some hard blogging too... (Only up the road from me too :( )
  • arietta
    what a scary looking wonder he won :P
  • Gus
    that's so Wednesday news!
  • Rob
    It must be one of the first times I've wholeheartedly agreed with Mike ... Yet another one of those "Charity Workers" - hasn't the gumption or inclination to hold down a proper job - so he goes on little sponsored jaunts to fund his lifestyle - all for charidee naturally (after expenses) !!! I wonder if any of his £75k earnings from this will end up with a deserving cause ...?
  • Joff
    I don't mind saying I'm jealous. But yes, he does look like a twat.
  • Vince W.
    Indeed. He's likely googling himself now too, so will love reading all your comments :) And aren't there enough Aussies who fit the role? It would be interesting to see how having a 'representative' from a foreign country makes a difference to their tourism, and if his contract gets renewed...
  • MinstrelMan
    like most brits he'll be complaining about missing proper heinz ketchup and pg tips within 2 weeks.
  • Gus
    looking on the bright side... one less chugger in UK!
  • Mr H.
    Lets hope he is reading this: "YOUR A COCK"
  • zeddy
    It's Boris Johnson once the bulimia has kicked in.
  • John
    What a lucky bloke. I could do with a bit of that. Not seen his Canadian girlfriend, is that part of the deal? Found this post on a blog I regularly read, Top 10 worse jobs in the world
  • HelenO
    Well, you're a cheery bunch aren't you! I don't quite know where to start...hmmm...oh yes, proper job versus charity work. The charity fund raising trip he took around Africa last year was totally funded by him. All the money donated went to the charities. He worked very hard at a 'proper job' in order to raise enough money. Do any of you know if they have heinz ketchup and pg tips in, I didn't think you would. He gets out there and does what 'Chuggers' don't have the guts to do. How about you lot? And what a thought provoking and well considered remark Mike...Oh and look, the person who shares the brain cell you didn't use agreed with sweet. Will he Google Would he love reading the comments...would you? Aren't there enough Aussies that fit the role...obviously was advertised AROUND THE WORLD as the Best Job in the WORLD, not the Best Job in AUSTRALIA!

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