Brixton Pound launching in September this year, you will have the opportunity to help local businesses in the Brixton area keep money in the community rather than watching it "leak" out to national and international chain retailers. In September, Brixton will launch the Brixton Pound (B£), which is a currency that does not replace, but rather blends in with regular British currency. The difference is, every British Pound spent at a local Brixton business stays in the community. These businesses may offer special rewards for Brixton pound users, such as preferred customer cards.

Brixton is what is known as a Transition Town. It is committed to coping with the demands of a "peak oil" economy and the threat of global climate change. By keeping money in the community and encouraging people to shop locally, Brixton will reduce transport needs, reducing oil demand and thus keeping some carbon emissions out of the air as well. It is the third Transition Town to introduce a local currency, after Totnes in Devon and Lewes in Sussex.

How can you help? When the Brixton Pound launches in September, buy some, and then spend them locally in Brixton. Ask for them back in change, too. Rinse. Repeat.

Why? Good karma, plus you'll be (albeit in a small way) sticking it to big oil and big retail, which is a great feeling.


  • Nobby
    > The difference is, every Brixton Pound spent at a local Brixton business stays in the community. Every British Pound spent at a local Brixton business also stays in the community.
  • Ganjaman
    Do the local dealers accept these notes? Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe
  • Lumoruk
    Why are comments closed on the latest posting?
  • Vince W.
    lol thanks Nobby corrected. Lumoruk - not sure. Is this the latest post that just went up? I'll have a look.
  • The B.
    Anyone have a colour photocopier?
  • Rubisco
    Local currency can reduce carbon emissions if you're encouraging the buying of local produce. Lucky then that Brixton is a rural area and doesn't import anything...
  • Antique A.
    I had concerns about "peak" oil consumption but a pleasant young man in the chemist persuaded me to buy a tube of KY and all my concerns have been allayed.

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