Britain’s music Top 40 to include free streaming stats

So in the same month a Futuresource Consulting survey showed that 8% of Britons download illegally, the Official UK Charts Company has said that it should be including download statistics from legal streaming services such as We7 and Spotify.

And they might well do so, for Futuresource’s survey also showed that two-thirds of Brits have streamed content without ever having paid for it (whether legally or otherwise). In light of such huge quantities of content being streamed the official UK Charts Company said it was “bound to” include streaming services in its statistics.

In 2005 charts started to include paid-for downloads, correctly forecasting the huge increase of such sales – 98% of all single sales are now digital. But should quantities of Spotify streams be included in charts? It makes sense to encompass as much information as possible into these charts, but can free streams be rated at the same level of interest as music that’s been paid for?

Perhaps it's just a sign of the times that the paradigm shift towards free music is influencing official "music sales" charts. Of course, this runs in stark contrast to the RIAA's continued and crazed attempts to prevent music-sharing; but thankfully most of the world runs in contrast to their agenda.

[The Telegraph]


  • JustExtreme
    Maybe some metal will make it into the charts now...
  • Cam
    Of course, they also said if streamed songs were included they would carry much less weight than paid for downloads because one can replay a streamed song numerous times. They also said they won't consider it for a least another year. See BBC article published over the weekend.
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