Britain's first high-speed train rockets from station

It’s still Japan Day here on Bitterwallet and as if by magic, a story has broken that makes it all seem somehow relevant! Maximum bonus!

Japanese-built engines will be powering Britain’s first ever high-speed commuter train, the Javelin, which was unveiled today in London.

The train can rattle along at up to 140mph and will become a crucial part of the 2012 Olympics, transporting passengers in a ride that will be more exciting than about 95% of the actual events themselves.

A Javelin journey from London to Ashford will take just 37 minutes, in comparison with the sluggish 90 minutes or so that it takes now. Once it's up and running later in the month, the Javelin will travel from the St Pancras Eurostar station to Ashford International and Ebbsfleet in Kent, sharing the line with the Eurostar, which itself can travel almost 50mph faster.

Oh. That sort of 'derails' the story a little bit doesn't it? Sorry.



  • Francis R.
    Who would like to taste my 'pork' javelin? Ladies?
  • Andy D.
    Everyone knows it's a spam javelin. The word 'spam' being more than appropriate in your case 'Francis'
  • Francis R.
    Hey, Andy, I don't spam...
  • Francis R.
  • MrRobin
    Whilst I think it's great that Britain is improving it's rain infrastructure and train engines and services, I always feel underwhelmed when reading modent British locomotive acheivements. Particuarly when I read in today's Metro that Japan will have their own 199mph train in the same time frame (not to mention France's TGV @ 200mph, China's Tianjin service @ 220mph or Germany's ICE-T @ 200mph)
  • Matt S.
    Great a new super fast train for the UK, what shall we do to take advantage of this technology, well obviously let's run it up and down the length of the country replacing the flying scotsman, and stopping at as many major hubs as possible thus massively improving the countries infrastructure ... uh oh no wait yeah, lets make it go to Kent yeah that makes more sense.
  • The B.
    "or Germany’s ICE-T @ 200mph" Seriously, they've named a train after a short arsed misogynist. If one ever crashes, what will the Bodycount be?
  • Alex
    The only reason the trains are running on that route in the first place is that they're using the eurostar track, so great if you happen to live in the vicinity of one of the stations
  • Misogynistic A.
    The Real Bob, I see what you did there, Bodycount/Ice-T... Will you marry me?

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