Brighten Up A Red Letter Day With Blind Rage

23 January 2009

Here’s our favourite new site – Dear Final Demand. The concept is ridiculously simple – if you’ve had a final demand letter, deface it using your skill, judgement and fury and submit it to the site.

You’ll feel better about stuff for a couple of minutes but you probably will still end up with a visit from the bailiffs. Poverty porn – it’s the new style innit?

(click on the pic to examine it more closely)

[The Presurfer]


  • SJT
  • Joff
    B+ for effort.
  • Amanda H.
    Thanks, but the "seven legged spider" works much better.
  • Anna
    I did one of my own just now :) Don't have a scanner so have to take a pic:
  • Anna
    Wow! They used my defaced electric bill in en edition of the Metro Newspaper!

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