BrewDog to venture overseas

29 January 2013

BrewDog, Scotland's largest indie brewery, have announced that they're going to start opening bars abroad (Deathwatch countdown starts now) on the strength of the fact that they are already exporting their beer to 32 countries and has opened 10 bars around the UK.

The company are looking at their strongest markets outside of the UK, which means pubs in Sweden, Brazil and Japan.

The firm's finance director, Neil Simpson, said: "I think the main growth is customers looking for a bit more choice - they're looking for a better flavour and they're fed up with drinking the same products all the time."

"So while it is perhaps seen as risky to invest abroad, the opportunities for us are there to grow."

There is a craft beer boom worldwide at the moment, but does this seem like a stretch too far for a company famous for stuffing their beer inside dead animals?


  • techno12
    Having tried their Brum branch the other week, I'll never be going back. The reason? All the on-tap ales and beers (apart from one) are priced at £3.60. Not bad you may think, until you realise that those prices are for 2/3rds of a pint. So, it's a ludicrous £5.40 a pint, more expensive than any pint I've had, even in pricey central London. No wonder they're doing well if they're charging £5.40 a pint for 'craft' ales out in the sticks!
  • Beer
    techno12 - did you understand what the ABV of those beers are though. Most of the beers they serve are way over the average 3 - 4% of pissy yellow lagers, hence being a bit more responsible, and ensuring they are served in a measures that matches the strength. I think mainly this is to ensure stupid people don't buy a pint of Tokyo*, and then complain when they can't drink a pint of a 15% stout. Most of the IPAs and DIPAs are around 7% and 9% upwards. You go to a decent craft beer bar to drink a few craft beers, not get blind drunk on pints. Unless you're you, and you still think that everything should be served in a PINT! Pints start at £4, and do in every one of their bars. You just went on a day, they didn't have cheap pints for your small uneducated brain. As for the international expansion, c'mon BW, keep up, they announced this over a month ago! Oh, sorry, that's normal. ;)
  • techno12
    Sorry - they were all in the 4.5% to 5.5% range, and a couple were usual suspects that I've had before for half the price (albeit in a Wetherspoons, but still, half the price). FYI I don't drink watery 3% to 4% Fosters/Carling as I'm far too old for that shite.
  • Chewbacca
    fuck you BW and your shitty fucking moderation queue
  • Chewbacca
    and now, my well considered comment in 3 (or more) parts, due, again, to the fucking wankjobs BW.
  • Chewbacca
    @Beer-Oh, fuck off. Everyone knows that Brewdog aren’t any better than the “giants” that brew the piss-poor crap, they just have a higher abv and charge more for it.
  • Chewbacca
    Fact is, UK people are fucking morons and deserve what they get. Brewdog are wankers, and the only reason people “rate” their overpriced pish is because it’s “better” than the yellow wank you get from a tap in a shitehole Wetherspoons.
  • Chewbacca
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  • jt
    If you are going to refer to Brewdog as "they" throughout the 1 stparagraph, then "[they] have opened 10 bars", not "[they] has opened 10 bars".
  • Chewbacca
    Why the fuck are my comments being moderated? All you cunts know I am a god on here! Pathetic morons.
  • Bilbo007
    @Chewbacca You really are a twat of the highest order.
  • chewbacca
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  • Bilbo007
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  • Cas
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  • chewbacca
    Hi Cas, nobody gives a flying fuck about what you feel. Wank.

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