Brewdog reckon they're worth £283m

brewdog Whether you loathe them or all out hate them, there's no denying that BrewDog are doing rather well for themselves. Last year, the Scottish booze vendors raked in over £29.6m.

That's a figure that is up 64% from what they made in 2013.

They've got ahead of the pack by making beer that people like drinking and, of course, being adept at creating PR for themselves. Whether it is blarting on about being 'punk', or as the picture on the right shows, making beer that comes in a dead animal.

Interestingly, they've been making dough through their 'Equity for Punks' crowdfunding scheme and, they've announced that they'll be doing another round, hoping to raise £25m.

Martin Dickie, one of the founders of the company, said: "This is a new dawn for beer, this is a new dawn for small business finance." The other founder, James Watt added: "We need to continue to expand and we need finance to do that, and we don‘t want venture capitalists, we don’t want an overbearing parent company, we don’t want investment bankers, we want to make sure that the people who own the company love our beer and Equity for Punks makes that possible."

Any investors stumping up the cash will receive a combined 8.83% of the business, which is pretty measly. However, BrewDog have valued themselves at £283m, which is rather ambitious.

However, if you're into the idea (and you get some free booze on your birthday if you're in), then click here.

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