Breaking news: Orange try to claw some money back with itemised billing charge for all

Orange-logo Interesting post on HotUKDeals earlier this evening from faevilangel. He says…

“Any Orange contract is automatically being signed up to itemised billing at a charge of £1.47 per month from their next bill. Orange say they had lots of requests for this so have made all the bills itemised.

You're automatically signed up to this, to get out of it, you need to text STOP to 1228 before your next bill. I had this letter come with my bill today.

If you cancel the itemised billing you need to get your bill online @,

You will receive no paper bills if you do not keep the itemised billing.”

Orange have clearly lost a ton of money following the recent contract-changing/mass cancellation debacle and seem keen to recoup some of their losses by any means necessary, namely this nasty little opt-out from itemised billing for everyone.

Has anyone received the letter of which faevilangel speaks and could someone send us a scam, sorry, a scan of it? We’d love to take a closer look. [email protected] is where we’re at.

Christ, who knows - as it’s a new charge that is being introduced outside of the terms and conditions that Orange customers signed up for and is detrimental, it might even constitute another chance for customers to cancel their contracts. Surely not? We’re not sure we’ve got the energy for it all again…


  • mikeBeaver
    Wow, that's some scummy tactics by Orange once again, with any luck this will let hundreds of thousands more customers leave these evil, money grubbing gets!!! Mike..
  • Dr R.
    That's odd. I work at an Orange shop and we've been told now that everyone's on free e-billing as standard, and needs to OPT IN to paper bills for a £1.50 monthly charge.
  • Fin
    Surely this is another terms of cancellation if they are adding a charge for a service that could have been free when you signed up. You either lose the service you agreed to or pay extra....
  • kev
    OFCOM will be very busy me thinks
  • jah
    Is this even legal?
  • Big G.
    Spread the word and kick up the smelly stuff.
  • all e.
    Never understood how Orange have stayed in business all this time, my experience is that they are THE WORST provider of all - by miles! This is another example of awful customer care. Rather hope they get huge fines imposed by OFCOM preferrably to the point they go bust.
  • CompactDstrxion
    I sense another Epic Orange Saga.
  • Here we go again!
  • In f.
    My balls are orange. Who wants to see them for £1.47 a month? If you don't, text "NO ARSE" to 1228 and you'll just get an online view instead.
  • Laurz
    Woah woah woah. My bills are itemised now anyway and they're free. I look through them quite a lot as well so if they suddeenly start charging me for these itemised bills that i've had for free for all this time i'll not be happy at all.
  • Merlinho
    Didn't Orange pull this same trick about 2 years ago? I remember when I had an Orange contract, they switched to a £1.50 itemized billing charge with opt-out. I rang them up and had a right rant, but unfortunately, they were able to fall back on a clause in the contract allowing "minor changes". I decided not to bother with the paper itemized billing, because you can access the itemized data online if needed. So if I'm right in understanding, they are now re-signing up everyone who opted out originally or from the start of their contract, in the hope of apathy or customers missing the information, so they can get £1.50 a month off them?
    Join Vodafone.
  • Thomas B.
    Orange AGAIN! As soon my contracts up I'm off to someone else I can tell you. It would be great if this would allow us to cancel... could get out a whole 8 months early.
  • Will
    Lets put it in perspective, its 1.47 per month. Over the course of an 18 month contract it is 26.46. I mean its laughable that for the sake of 26.46 Thomas Beverley will move to another service provider because of this small charge. I agree, Orange are cunts and do screw people out of money a lot, but come on guys.....1.47 per month....surely you arent all unemployed?
  • MB
    Will = idiot.
  • Jeffrey A.
    Will, If you really aren't bothered about £26.46 - then feel free to send it me. It can go towards paying my extortionate water bill. I'm guessing you won't do though.
  • Laurz
    Will don't talk daft. If £26.46 wasn't much money then I would have gone with a contract that is £26.46 higher than the one I am on wouldn't I. My orange phone hardly ever works at home because of reception. Well it does work but only when i'm not holding it. If the phone is in my hand then I get no reception, if I place it on the table and use the speakerphone then I get 1 bar. Same goes for texts, I have to write them and then put my phone down quickly before I get the dreaded failed attempt message. Orange have never seemed overly concerned about this problem so if I can get out of my crap contract anyway possible I will do and I think that them wanting to add MORE money on top of what I already pay them is a very very good reason for me to cancel if I can.
  • Will
    MB = Well done. Jeffery Archer, I am sure you can fund that from your book sales. Laurz, in reality what can Orange do. I imagine you would be the first to complain if they erected a mast near by to your house. They offer a service where you can check how much signal you get in the area you live in. But I imagine you were to bothered by that at the time, as you were so desperate to get the free pink phone with a camera and free pink accessory kit. You people are moaning cretins.
  • SJT
    new news? I got this letter over a month ago.....
  • TFEB
    Will - You have missed the point here. The charge might as well be for 1p. Its the fact that a company can sign you up to a product and bill you for it automatically and you have to opt out. I dont think many people would mind if say orange changed this to a chargeable extra that you had to re-sign up for. Its very naughty tactics by Orange who have gone down hill big time in the last 5 years.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    "Orange say they had lots of requests for this so have made all the bills itemised." Good old orange, always thinking of their customers.... what would we do without them?
  • Chris
    Anyone tried contacting Customer Services to get their contract cancelled over this, or is it classed as a "minor alteration of the T&Cs" in the contract?
  • Captain U.
    Well £1.47 is more than half the £2.50/month contract I have with Orange so I'm glad for the heads-up. Thanks BW.
  • Mike U.
    I hear 3 have also started doing this but none bothered to tell their customers
  • killinghall
    This is indeed old news, I had this well over a month ago. I was on statement only and I could EITHER pay the £1.47 per month and have a paper ITEMISED bill OR stop receiving my statement bill. I argued with them about it and in the end they decided to refund me the £1.47xnumber of months remaining on the contract. I didnt have the energy to argue with them either
  • callum
    TVDBP - Vodafone charge for itemised billing as well.
  • Jase
    I got a message about this months ago (can't even remember if it was a text or e-mail). Text the number straight away, all my bills are now handled online. But yes, very cheeky. Set it automatically to opt-in, and they'll get people who don't ever notice or don't notice for a couple of months. In the end BW is right, they're clawing back money. Those fuckers better give me a good deal on my next contract...want an iPhone 3GS on my next.
  • anon
    Orange have charged for Itemised billing for ages.. I get a loyalty reward every month (and have for the last 4 years) to cover the price of the itemised bill and non-dd charges, as i refused to pay either and actually make 50p profit as they refund more than those 2 charges.. Worth ringing and having a moan as they definitly have an option available to them to cover those charges.
  • Anonymous C.
    Orange must be desperate to keep customers at the mo as I just phoned up for a PAC code because my pay monthly contract was up. They offered me an HTC Hero ( latest Android iPhone-killer ) for just £14 a month ( which includes the all you can eat web usage charge as well!!! ) and just £40 for the handset in order to bribe me to stay. It worked - I bit their hand off. Anyone else whose monthly contract is almost up I suggest pulling the PAC code routine *right now*. I've been playing with the Hero for the last few days and I am well impressed ( especially for £14 a month! )
  • Pete
    Orange seem to be a law unto themselves. Recently asked for a PAC code (irony) during the call to sort this they switched my tariff from an old Speakeasy Text Topup (cheapo with 300 texts, calls 15ppm) to Dolphin in the space of the chat - so calls now 20ppm. Didn't even tell me they'd done it. The PAC code arrived yest morning and will be used v soon!
  • David
    Anyone know if we can use this as a get out clause yet? Seems a bit murky!
  • Steve
    I have received the letter. If £1.47 is NOT a lot of money, why are they bothered about charging it? More importantly, why are they not reducing my bill by £1.47 a month if it isn't really a big deal? Of course its a lot of money, if we all gave that to a charity they could save lives instead of giving Orange bosses a bigger productivity bonus. They will save a fortune on postage but it won't come off of your bills. I have requested my PAT code and I am leaving Orange after 8 years - out of principal; and I have set up a standing order for a fiver a month for the Royal Marsden hospital instead.
  • Chris F.
    can we use this to get out of an Orange contract?
  • daniel
    is STOP to 1228 free or is orange charging u for it
  • One B.
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  • Gareth
    I repeat Chris Fenton's question: Can we use this to get out of an Orange contract?! Also, if they keep making mistakes that cost me money, is that grounds for termination, even if I am eventually reimbursed? I HATE THEM SO MUCH! >:-(
  • Float
    I just rang Orange to say that I went with them over the competition for their free paper billing. I said I need it for my accountant (which I do). I got a billing waiver set up. I get charged the amount from next month, and then the waiver takes it off again. Let's see if that does the trick.
  • Hannah w.
    Just putting it out there...when I got my first orange contract I got the chance to say that whether I wanted an itemised bill sent every month, it's only now on my second contract when I am still on orange but went through the carphone warehouse this time that I got the itemised bill. So can you not cancel the bill online? You have to text STOP to 1228?

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