Bready hell! Another reader livid with his loaf

In a turn of events we're callling ShitGate - a not only hysterical but nonsensical term - a second Bitterwallet reader has contacted us concerning a suspiciously brown substance found in a loaf of Hovis:

Bitterwallet - Hovis foreign object 2
We don't now whether the substance is actually excrement since neither Ben or our previous reader Darren have gone as far as tasting it - then again, if they could identify it by taste, you'd only wonder how.

Regardless, this is the third instance of foreign objects found in Premier Food products bought by our readers in the past month. Since Premier Foods seem reluctant to comment on the matter, it's over to you, the avid readers and enthusiastic home cooks. Could this be some congealed ingredient masquerading as an Eartha Kitt?


  • zleet
    They probably don't clean the ovens properly and get burned lumps of dough in some loaves. I would believe rat shit if it was little raisin sized lumps but not dog turd sized.
  • Yue
    Knowing why the entire staff of a Sainsburys meat department were all fired some years back I'd suspect the staff here are having a competition to see who can get the worst substance in the food. When they all lose their jobs and Hovis look abroad for bakeries we can rejoice in their misery and confusion as to why they lost their crappy jobs. Incidentally, some years back found half a tea towel baked in a loaf.
  • Darren G.
    The Item in my loaf did not look burnt at all, I have my own bread maker (was a wedding present) and I have seen left behind bread, and it has never looked like that or mine. I have handed my loaf over to the Environmental Health people., they said it will take 1-2 months to get the analysis results due to government cuts! GREAT! No matter what it is, it should not be there, even if it is only a by product left behind, they need to sort their cleaning out! It is unacceptable. Darren.
  • Hammeh
    Could it be a current or something?
  • Dan
    Retarded first comment, Maybe he can't see the photo?
  • -]
    I CAN see the photo, and it looks exactly like a chunk of badly-mixed, burned dough. I'll reserve judgement until the results come back, but they clearly do need to tighten up procedure.
  • BakerMan
    That aint no rat crap, that there be a misplaced Raisin
  • Royal A.
    @Yue, [email protected] "crappy jobs" - they've taken this description a bit too far one would assume.
  • Richard M.
    Bit of an over-reaction if you ask me. It would hardly be shit now, would it? Could you not just throw that 'problem' slice and its' immediate neighbor slices out for the birds and then just use the rest of the loaf?
  • zeddy
    @Darren Goulston: I am an "environmental health person". They are feeding you BS. 4 weeks tops.

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