Box clever - UPS fools parcel thieves everywhere

If Bitterwallet had a pound for every time we had a pop at inept couriers, we'd have at least a five pounds. Maybe more. This is perhaps king of all delivery FAILs, however, from our chums at The Consumerist.

Instead of stashing the parcel in the bushes as usual, UPS decided to resort to a more cunning hiding place. In case it proved too difficult to locate, the courier pushed a note through the front door which read "FD MAT". See if you can spot it:

Bitterwallet - UPS courier FAIL

[The Consumerist]


  • strangely B.
    Sorry, can't see it.
  • F. F.
    Box hedging?
  • Matt
    I once had a parcel left in my recycling bin on collection day.
  • Nobby
    Why didn't he just steal it like normal posties?
  • Skymarshall
  • Harry
    To be fair, it's a) STILL THERE (unless of course this is a rather lousy thief having a chuckle at the easiest steal ever) and b) probably hidden from the street until you were right up by the front door. Its also marginally less safe then dumping it behind, say, a gate to a back yard.
  • pauski
    ^ Well said Harry. And Google street view would not have a fucking clue either. Totally secure IMO
  • pauski
    ^But the "Guy" taking the picture is surely taking cock shadow pictures? Me thinks - he's about to get ready to uncover the bushy mat, and find the box. Even FEDEX could not manage that covert message?

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