Bought tickets from What can you do?

Plenty of festival goers were left penniless and pissed off this Summer when an online site sold them tickets that never arrived. We're talking to you, SOS Masterticket.

This week, there are dozens more people ready for a fight in the car park, after vanished, to be replaced with the following message:

On 16 October, the Metropolitan Police Service's Computer Crime Unit requested the dehosting of the website under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

People who have bought tickets from this site are encouraged to call Consumer Direct for advice on 08454 04 05 06.

Consumer forums across the web are chock full of complaints, including tales of some rather sinister face-to-face meetings. So if you've bought tickets that are yet to arrive, what can you do about it? Well, even though the police are investigating, your money might still be unsafe and your bank may not be able to help.

We called Consumer Direct to ask what advice they're offering. It's turns out there's next to nothing they can tell you. They have have no information regarding the status of as a company or the police investigation into their operation; they are simply logging all complaints so Trading Standards can see the bigger picture.

Not surprisingly, if you've bought tickets then Consumer Direct advise you to contact your bank or credit card company immediately and explain the situation. However, if you're yet to receive tickets for a future event, no fraud has been committed, because there's been no beach of contract so far. Gah.

Here's Bitterwallet's advice if you're stuck with an empty bank account and empty promises:

- Ring Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06; there can't do anything in the here and now, but they'll issue you with a reference number so you've proof that your complaint has been registered.

- Contact your bank or credit card company; explain the situation, point out there is a police investigation underway and check whether the payment has gone through. If it has, ask what can be done to reclaim the money, should it prove to be an act of fraud. Given the situation, it may be wise to cancel your cards. The degree to which you'll be assisted seems to differ depending on who you call, so be firm.

- You can try calling 07505 456 766 which was previously given as a contact number, but don't hold your breath; we've tried and it's permanently switched off.

- If you trawl the net for contact information, you may find the address 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX which was once provided as a contact address; this is for an entirely different events company, so don't waste a stamp. Assuming false information wasn't provided (and that's a big assmuption), you can find contact details by looking up the domain name WHOIS information.

Let us know if you have any luck, so other people can follow your lead.


  • Emma C.
    Unfortunately, I have only just found out about the closure of I booked tickets back in september 08 to see Russell Brand on 12th feb this year. The money was taken from my credit card and the reason I didn't check on my tickets sooner is that it's common practice to send out the tickets a week or so before the event. I very much doubt that the tickets will turn up, so have reported it to my credit card company. I'm slightly annoyed at them as they knew of this scam, so why wasn't I informed earlier if at all? I just hope that I will get my money back!!
  • Lucy H.
    I also brought tickets from Paper Ticket last year the day after last years V Festival Chelmsford closed. I have been robbed for £150 pounds. I am compleatly discrased by this firm and i read on another website that the man running this site has been charged for fraud. If this is the case everyone who has been charged for non exsiting tickets should get their money back surely!!!

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