Born to be environmentally aware - the air-powered motorbike

Motorcycles - not as good as cars, but far sexier. Losing your face under a bus is worth it with all those ladies in leather willing to show you their tuppences. Then these jokers get hold of one and turn it into the most damned ugly machine ever to sit on two wheels.

So it might provide a cheap, pollution-free alternative to fossil fuel and revolutionise transportation in India. So what? Nobody is going to get a night of yankee doodle after riding that, are they? Honestly.


  • Mike H.
    Not as good as cars? what the fuck kind of drugs are you taking? A SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 can rape anything on four wheels for £8000. The only way in which bikes are 'not as good' as cars is the fact you can get knocked off them by fucking idiot BMW/Audi drivers, becasue thy're in too much of a hurry to get to their Sales meeting, fucking twats! (Not u BW, BMW/udi drivers, wankers) Don't worry, my new Titanium knuckled gloves will make a nice pattern in your face next time you pull out on me on a roundabout, fucking numpties. An air powered bike doesn't even come close to the point of a bike, fucking useless.
  • TOBY
    What is it with some so called intelegent people. Asked to come up with something that has never been tried before! No shit it has never been tried before because it is a waste of time and energy. Why not create something that is totally, I mean TOTALLY free of any carbon emissions or waste products of any description. The task set by the "professor" should aim a little higher. How do they think the compressed air is forced into the pressure vessels in the first place.......
  • vroom! v.
    Magic? A giant flying camel?
  • rajinder s.
    Sardars have been riding air bikes for a long time -- without wheels! The fuel used is chana dal (lentils).
  • £25K B.
    [...] what does the future of transport look like? An air-powered motorcycles? A solar-powered pyramid car? A jetpack powered by strapping two fans on your back? No, it’s [...]

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