Boone's Farm - booze with a kick and a devoted drinkership

Us lot here at Bitterwallet are nothing if not right proper cultured when it comes to cuisine and fine wines and that. We get all our dinner party recipes from the Come Dine With Me website, and we’ve even been known to spend more than £4 on a bottle of wine from time to time.

However, one brand of booze we’ve never been fortunate enough to swill down our gaping throats is Boone’s Farm – a range of fruit-flavoured wines that emanate from the respected Californian vineyards of Ernest and Julio Gallo. Sold mostly in gas stations and convenience stores in the US, it seems to be the drink du jour for young students on a tight budget.

According to its unofficial Facebook page, the mission of Boone’s Farm is “to get the average destitute individual a mind altering amount of alcohol as cheaply as possible.” Now the brand has got itself an online fan club, one that’s quickly filling up with positive testimonials from deeply satisfied drinkers. Among our favourites are…

"Back when I was in high school, we used to buy Boone's farm on Wednesday nights when the blind guy was working at the liquor store. We had to drink it with straws to finish it before mom got home from Bingo." - Ken (San Antonio, TX

"I love Boone's Farm cause it gets you drunk and then you can make bad decisions and wake up with a headache." - Sara (Bloomington, IN)

"I enjoy drinking Boone's Farm in the dark by myself... Well, my dogs are there and my wife is upstairs asleep." - Josh (San Marcos, TX)

"I remember drinking Boone's Farm Strawberry Wine in High School while I was dating a guy named Randy. He drank MD 20/20 while driving. Good Times!" - Sandie [Josh's mom]

"I just wanted to say that I make Boones a part of my weekend...every weekend. People know I have arrived because they always hear my "WHERE'S THE BOONES?" when I get there!" - Morgan J.

Sound magnificent, but what we want to know is - is Boone’s Farm available in the UK? Have YOU ever sampled it either here or in the USA? Are you still able to type a legible response, sharing what memories you might have left about the whole experience? Just WHAT was in that briefcase in Pulp Fiction? Speak to us damn you!


  • jack
    according to the website most of it isn't stronger than 5% alcohol content!
  • acecatcher3
    i cant find it anywhere!! amazon usa have it lol! it sounds like the american version of lambrini.
  • Kelly D.
    I have drunk this hideous concoction! It's a bit like a wine flavoured alcopop in a big bottle. It's cheap and sweet. It's not very strong, but you could probably drink liters of it if you get past the flavours.
  • pissed 1.
    MD 20/20 (aka mad dog 20/20) is a leery sweet strawberry wine, 20% proof and got you proper shitfaced with a REALLY BAD hangover. I gave it up and have now progressed to drinking methalayted spirits washed back with white lightning and pissing my pants very regularly ;) whilst shouting at those trying to steal my cardboard box home “Good Times!”
  • Chante
    I actually think that Boones Farms is pretty good. I mean compared to MD 2020 it does have a higher alcohol concentration but it taste wretched and YES its hella cheap. I hate to say this but if you are on a budget and don't mind getting a buzz, instead of going to the bar and spending $2 a bottle off beer I'll go and spend 2-3 on a bottle of Boones Farms and drink to where I'm feeling pretty good. I hate being a broke college student but they atleast it all don't taste horrible.

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