Bonkers marketing campaign causes book festival buzz

There’s no shortage of raging mentalism in the world of marketing and an idea that would be dismissed as abject nonsense by normal people can quickly sprout wings and head off into the advertsphere when proposed by a gibbering ‘creative.’

One such idea literally took to the skies at the recent Frankfurt Book Festival when German publishing house Eichborn tied tags plugging their wares to a bunch of flies before releasing them hither and thither.

On one hand, the bizarre act worked as it made people stop and look. On the other hand it was a disaster, as the germ-addled flies found it impossible to stay airborne and regularly landed on various people in a bid to get their breath back.

In this short film that they’ve made as a way of braying on about the wrong-headed stunt, some delegates at the festival are seen to amused by the whole thing. We dare to suggest that more either simply swung a nearby hardback at the tagged pests or put in call to some kind of insect rights organisation.



  • Jack
    WTF?! Some weird shit. Surely that would just be annoying after a few seconds
  • TeflonMan
    To fully appreciate this, you need to know that Eichborn is "The publisher with the fly" and their logo sports their name and an image of that insect! Well, o.k. - still not funny ...
  • The B.
    Fuckin Nazi cunts. They should have bricks ties to them and be made to run marathons before being shot in the face with a shotgun,

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