BOGOF "One Laptop Per Child" Scheme Comes to Europe

If you've not heard of the 'One Laptop Per Child' (OLPC) scheme, you better read the small print before posting it on HUKD as a 'BOGOF deal'.   Otherwise, you may piss off more than a few bargain hunters when the 2nd laptop never arrives.

OLPC's programme - also known as "G1G1" ('give one, get one') - may not be the hottest deal on the planet, but it should still make you feel like a proud human being: you buy 2 laptops - one for yourself, and another for a child at a school in a developing country.  What coud be more gratifying?

The laptop looks like a toy for space aliens - flourescent green with 2 antennaes - but it actually has some pretty cool features including 1G byte of internal flash storage, a 7.5-inch LCD, and wireless networking.   It's also known for its energy saving technology and power efficiency, being able to run on solar power, pull string, or foot pedal.  Might as well get some exercise in while you're at it. 

An update with touchscreens is planned for early 2010.  The scheme was first initiated last year and was only available in the US, but when relaunched from the 17th of November next Monday on, when it will be available to 30 European countries including the UK. 

You don't have to be Bill Gates to be that charitable either- the laptop currently costs a measely $199.  But most bargain hunters will probably gawk at the fact that you'll be doubling that to $398 (or approximately £268/€318) to get the Linux based laptops.  But in an email interview with ZDnet, Nicholas Negroponte, the founder and chairman of the OLPC programme, stated that the expected price of the OLPC laptop could be reduced to as low as $75, down from $199, by 2011. 

That is, of course, that the dollar doesn't sink further, or the GBP -> USD exchange rate doesn't explode in a flame of fire.  In which case, we'd have more important things to worry about.

[ZDNet UK]

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