Boffins develop bar of soap that can read your fingers and thumbs

Boffins – what’s not to love about them? Sure, they’re all speccy nerds and most of them throw like girls, but if it wasn’t for them, you’d be reading this site on a parchment, having had it delivered by a syphilitic man on horseback eight months after it was actually written.

Now it looks like they’re on the brink of another major breakthrough – the hand-held device that knows what you want it to do from the way you’re holding it. The brainiacs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a bar of soap-shaped block covered in sensors that will switch into camera mode if you’re holding it like a camera, phone mode if you’re holding it like a phone, etc etc.

The idea was sparked by the average consumers’ increasing confusion with multi-purpose gizmos and the complications involved in switching between their various interfaces. Once it goes into mass production, each owner will be able to ‘train’ their bar of soap to correctly interpret the way they hold it, with a predicted 95% success rate.

Just don’t try and wash your bits and bobs with it.

[New Scientist]


  • -=Mike H.
    So if you drop it in the showers at the gym, does it make your sphinkter clench tightly?
  • Martin
    What happens if you want to take a close up photo of your ear?
  • Chairman
    Your head asplodes.
  • Martin
    If they did wifi and a hidden video camera in a real bar of soap, that would be great.
  • mad g.
    what a bunch of crap

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