Blood is thicker than water, but cheaper than printer ink

Bitterwallet - relative prices of liquids

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  • Bullet
    Lexmark are the dearest, anyone know the cheapest as I may switch to them.
  • @ B.
    Kodak methinks!
  • goon
    funny how people whine about the price of fuel per litre but will happily pay more for a bottle of water
  • Gunn
    @goon, they probably would if water went up in price every few months. in time water will be worth more than petrol/oil. think mad max but fighting over water not fuel.
  • Mark M.
    Aaah printer ink... I've just bought some for my not that old printer, and when the printer was brand new, ink used to be £9 a cartridge. Now, at the same DSGi Owned store, the same ink, for some reason is £18. I went to amazon, and paid £10 a cartridge, which obviously got delivered in separate envelopes!
  • goon
    water is free
  • t-bone
    my epson wont let me print black unless all 4 cartridges have ink even though i want to use the black for a plain letter, son of beaches.
  • t-bone
    water is , but transportation aint, ie bottle ,pipes,
  • Dwr C.
    Glad Tony blair isnt in power anymore then, hed be saying us Welsh have WMD and invading us just to nick our water!!!
  • Mike H.
    Just buy the same model printers they have at your work, easy way for cheap ink. Make sure you swap your co-workers too not to arose suspicion.. I even rob my duty managers. teehee!
  • bob
    lol @ Dwr Cymru I don't think anybody would want to invade the Welsh.

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