BlinkBox staff sue after Tesco sale


A group starring 80 former employees of the now defunct Blinkbox service have launched a £10m class action lawsuit against the company that bought the company from Tesco. They are looking at damages after they said that redundancy pay outs weren't honoured.

If you remember, Tesco flogged Blinkbox and it was bought by music streaming folks Guvera.

As clarification, Blinkbox Music is a separate operation to Blinkbox TV which Tesco sold to TalkTalk. The television service has nothing to do with this particular case.

Alas, Guvera went into administration in June, and had to lay off around 100 staff. So with that, Blinkbox employees have kicked off a class action lawsuit against Guvera (as well as two of their UK-based subsidiaries).

The claimants say they were given written assurance that they'd receive redundancy payments if there were any cuts made.

"Nearly 100 staff were dismissed without any warning and without any notice or redundancy payments,” said Paul Jennings, a partner at City law firm Bates Wells Braithwaite who are representing the former Blinkboxers. "[Also] at the heart of this case is the data of 2 million to 3 million users of the Blinkbox music service. We have no doubt that as the case develops and the evidence emerges customers and investors will want to understand what precisely occurred."

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