Blackberry still really popular (with thieves)

Bitterwallet - BlackBerry Bold 9700 Chart topping news for Blackberry now, as it turns out that the 9790 is one of the most stolen phones in the UK.

It's not even the most popular phone in the UK either, as figures released by the Home Office say that the four most stolen phones are all iPhones, Blackberry handsets are more stolen than those by Samsung or HTC.

Rather than being linked to popularity thieves target phones that are seen as 'soft' targets with poor security. The Blackberry 9790 is joined in the top 20 by the Blackberry 8520, Z10, 3G, 9900 and 9780.

Also in the top 20 most stolen list include the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, HTC One X, One S and One, iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Home Office reckon that the new security features in iOS 7 has helped reduce the lure of these phones as thieveable items.

Home secretary Theresa May chipped in: "The mobile phone industry is already taking vital action to introduce features that enable phones to be tracked and wiped if they are stolen."

"It is encouraging to see that these security improvements have contributed to recorded theft from the person falling by 10 per cent in the last year, according to the most recent crime statistics."

Oh and the most vulnerable targets for phone thieves, is if you're between 14-24. Watch out, if you've got a baby face.


  • The S.
    If the Blackberry has a keylock then 10 wrong attempts and the phone wipes itself. No loss of personal data and they've been doing that for years.
  • Euan
    Mind you, who'd want to buy a second hand 9790 now?

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