BlackBerry collapse continues with some kind of 'song'

If BlackBerry wasn’t already in trouble, with dwindling sales and occasional blackouts of its online services, then it certainly is now.

Here’s a video they’ve made for ‘developers who support the BlackBerry platform’ – full of thanks and info about the future, all wrapped up in an awful awful, AWFUL plodding soft rock package.

Don’t they know that Gangnam Style is where it’s at this week…?


  • Dick
    The tune is great. The words are shit. Aren't they aiming at 40ish people (in age, not the number of people), so REO Speedwagon is a good choice.
  • mogsog
    I consider developing for blackberry like marrying a partner who has beat you for years. I also consider developing for blackberry like marrying a 87 year old with terminal brain cancer.
  • Bart
    Terrible tune and lyrics aimed at over 60s more like. I'm 40ish and the first music I bought was Kraftwork, Nu wave, hip-hop, Electro and later Acid House and Hip House. I also listened to Jazz, Soul and Funk from earlier days. They could have used 'The message' from Grand Master Flash to appeal to over 40s, the lyrics would be more apt ;)

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