Bizarro vending machine accepts plastic, glass and cans only

The vending machine. Nana's chicken dinner and Flight Control aside, has man ever created anything as perfectly marvellous as a machine that gives us chocolate and crisps? Of course not.

But what fresh hell is this? It looks like a vending machine, but it's not - it's a reverse vending machine:

The bizarro vending machine lets you stuff it full of recyclable products - plastic, glass and aluminum cans - in return for shopping vouchers. Made by Australian firm Envirobank, these branded contraptions are already been trialled in Oz.



  • Constantly F.
    If I put in a baby, will it give me a voucher for 8 pints of Stella, 2 kebabs and a taxi back to her place?
  • Weiner
    OMG a recycling machine. These have been around for years.
  • Ruzzz
    The Tescos by Twickenham Rugby ground has a machine like this. it gives clubcard points in reutrn for you recycling glass, plastic etc
  • b. o.
    these have been around for about 10 years in germany well done australia for stealing an old idea if fact aren't all australians decendants of thieves aren't genetics greats. the stealing gene gets passed to the next generation. also australians are probably all gey.
  • Sizzle S.
    Yeah, there's one of these at the Tesco in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, too. The amount of clubcard points you get is ridiculously low though, it's nt even worth putting your card in. But it helps keep our wheelie bin not so full, which is nice. They get all grimy though from all the bits of drink and food that get splattered about them. Pretty gross.
  • dude
    They are a great idea, most large German supermarkets have them and have done for years... They print you out a voucher for money off your shopping based on how much you recycle. Mind you they still have a lot of glass bottles, which get reused a lot, so in turn there is a lot to recycle and a lot easier than plastic! So well done Australia for 'trialling them'.
  • j
    A couple spent three months collecting and recycling litter to pay for their honeymoon flights.
  • Ina
    I could possibly get a book from our local library but I think I learned much more from this blog post.
  • Sam
    hi, could you please let us know about terms of purchase ... we want to invest in this subject. how can I buy this machine ?

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