Bitterwallet’s ten of the best for 2011 – part two

Kindle Here’s part two of our round-up of the most popular Bitterwallet stories of 2011. Have you been having bets with your friends about what will be number one? We wouldn’t blame you if you had. You’ll almost certainly be wrong though. Here we go with the countdown of numbers five through to one...

5: Cheapest iPad 2 hunt [currently Tesco Direct £372 after cashback]

When the iPad 2 came out earlier in the year, naturally demand was high, as was consumers’ keenness to get the best deal possible. Accordingly, scores of humans clicked on this story, in their attempt to score a bargain. Let’s hope we saved some of you many, many £££s

4: Claims of fraud deflate Chain Reaction Cycles

Back in March, we got wind of some suspicious activity that had been occurring on the bank statements of customers that had shopped online with Chain Reaction Cycles, with some nasty card scamming going on. CRC investigated but found nothing untoward, and are continuing to trade with no subsequent reports of dodginess since the Spring. They’re not a major retail name, but it was one of the most-visted stories here throughout the whole year. Weird.

3: How to reclaim your unused Tesco Clubcard vouchers

Way, way back in February, we published a short guide which told you how you could reclaim your unused Tesco Clubcard vouchers. Spectacularly, the story snowballed, and some less-than-sensible citizens believed that we had their vouchers, bombarding the comments section with their pleas for them. WE DON’T HAVE YOUR VOUCHERS. DO YOU UNDERSTAND??

2: Where to find free Kindle books

Another one that has had legs right through the whole year – a simple guide that tells you how to get your virtual hands on free cyber books for your Kindle. We published it just after Christmas 2010 and thousands of people have clicked on it as they attempt to get something for nothing. And what could possibly be wrong with that?


So, here it is, the big one, the story that has attracted more readers than any other this year. *drum roll*…


1: Cheryl Cole’s pants not on fire over L’Oreal hair ads

Technically, it’s not even a 2011 story – this one has been on the site for over 18 months now, and it’s a simple news piece about Cheryl Cole and her escape from the Advertising Standards Authority’s claws of justice following complaints about her L’Oreal ad. Admittedly, she looks ‘hot’ in the accompanying pic so we can see why some of you might pay repeated visits to it. But why-aye is it number one? We can only assume that using ‘Cheryl Cole’ and ‘pants’ in the story’s title was some kind of accidental work of SEO genius. You’re welcome.

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