Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

ash-dog Here's our regular round-up of all that's been great and good on HMS Bitterwallet over the past week. There's everything from hyper-inflated train fares to faded 90s pop stars getting narked by their energy suppliers. Suck it up losers...

* Len Dastard Reports – it wasn’t just ACS:Law at it…

* Average train fare to rise four times faster than your wages in 2012

* Sainsbury’s to work out the price match difference for you… at the till

* Sign before you dine, phones and camera are off the menu

* Is this the end of solicitor slagging website?

* Brian Harvey turns filmmaker as Southern Electric give him a pre-paid meter

* Buy Boots deal, get another Boots deal free?

* Size is everything, especially when it’s a Groupon deal

* RBS block Basic account holders from using all free ATMs

* Now your dog can live forever – without all the slobber and stink (pictured)

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