Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

Global TV-watching! A Twitter takeover! BRIAN BLOODY BLESSED! They're just some of the things that have tickled our fancies these past few days. Why not let yourselves be tickled as well...?

Vine app quickly descends into mass, all-in bongofest…

• Brian Blessed to record very loud personalised voicemails

Privacy problems: Google sued by 10 million, WhatsApp violation and Government snoop Twitter

• Hola! The browser extension that makes the TV-watching world that bit smaller

BrewDog to venture overseas

• Asda advert cleared of being sexist

OFT say petrol pricing is fine and you should stop thinking that it isn’t

Pastors tip God, not you

HMV’s Twitter account falls into the hands of sacked staff

• According to the ASA, cancer has never been scarier…

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