Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

A saucy Star Wars garment! Art exhibits on planes! Plates of dirt in restaurants! All that and more has been bothering us over the past seven days - here's the best bits for you again...

• HMRC to beef up moves to shut-down companies that don’t pay tax

Stop it Lucas – just stop it…

• Retail chess mayhem as Amazon infiltrate Spar with more of their lockers

• Deathwatch: Hilco move in and acquire HMV’s mountain of debt

TripAdvisor’s ‘greatest hits’ are now all in one place…

• Sky rival iPlayer with downloadable new Sky Go Extra

• Virgin to host irritating art galleries on flights

• Are British beer drinkers the most heavily taxed in Europe?

• Burger King are frightened of horse meat while Tokyo serves up dirt

Princess Bride t-shirt causes losers to get jumpy on a plane

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