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The possible end of HMV. Transferring money as simply as blowing your nose. A massive telly. They're just some of the things that have irritated our minds here at Bitterwallet over the past seven days... and here they are again.

Apple slashes iPhone 5 screen orders

• Do you have Facebook fatigue? (pictured)

• HMV: Shops can’t live on nostalgia alone

• Transfer money from 2014 without sort codes and account numbers, as easy as texting

• Kids run up big bills thanks to fake, £15-a-pop, Angry Birds game

Dangerous dolls and other plastic toys

• Has the Government really thought through how it’s paying for its Grand Infrastructure Designs?

• Lotto ticket price to be doubled

• Porsche make ludicrously large television set

• O2 wants mobile operators to stop offering phone chargers

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